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The Simple Economics of an External Shock to a Bug Bounty Platform

(with Aviram Zrahia, Sarit Markovich, and Michael Riordan), Journal of Cybersecurity, Volume 10, Issue 1, 2024, available at

Empirically Evaluating the Effect of Security Precautions on Cyber Incidents (with Tyler Moore, Michael Riordan, and Noa Barnir), forthcoming, Computers & Security, 2023


The Microeconomics of Cryptocurrencies (with Hanna Halaburda, Guillaume Haeringer, and Joshua S. Gans), Journal of Economic Literature, 2022.

The  rise  and fall  of  cryptocurrency  coins  and tokens,” 2021 (with JT  Hamrick,  Tyler  Moore,  and Marie Vasek,)  Decisions  in Economics  and Finance,  Available here.

"The Economics of Cryptocurrency Pump and Dump Schemes," (with JT Hamrick, Farhang Rouhi, Arghya Mukherjee, Amir Feder, Tyler Moore, and Marie Vasek), Information Processing and Management, 2021, available at

Price Manipulation in the Bitcoin Ecosystem",  (with JT Hamrick, Tyler Moore, and Tali Oberman,) Journal of Monetary Economics, Volume 95, May 2018, Pages 86-96, available at


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